Knowing how to calculate the Return Rate of an Aircraft is very important if you want to have a successful company. That's what AT's made up of.

However it does take more than a couple of calculators to work them out. If you would like to help us find out (and for your own's sake), please sign up in the comment section, if possible please send me a message in the message wall and attach your email there, we may invite you to our Excel Encyclopedia (optional). Thank you.


In finance, return is a profit on an investment.[In AT, a route] It comprises any change in value which the investor receives from the investment.

Alvin's Method

So i have custom made a method for calculating Return Rate of a Route in AT:

The return over a single period is:

Return  = (final value - initial value)/initial value

In this case, Return = (Total Profit - Expenses - Depreciation)/Company Value

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