Phoenix is a city in the United States. It has high business and tourism ratings with the former ranging from 200-300 and the latter ranging from 300-400.


The default airport is Phoenix Sky Harbor Int'l Airport (PHX).


Phoenix is a very popular city, due to its excellent ratings. Because of this, beginners are not recommended to start here. Although there is intense compeititon for routes, the city can still sustain it. However, making monopoly routes to medium sized cities such as Cincinnati is more profitable than competition routes to big cities such as New York. Phoenix's location is slightly disadvantegous. While it has many connection choices to the south and east, there are few routes to be made to the west, excluding Honolulu and Kona.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Int'l Airport will usually achieve maximum slot demand within the first 10 to 15 years of the game. As such, the airport is a prime choice to buy from the national government. A second (sometimes third) airport is recommended as such airports will probably also achieve maximum slot demand. Rarely, all three airports will achieve maximum slot demand, thus rendering the player unable to build routes out of the city.

Large Planes such as the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747 should be used on routes to large cities. For smaller cities, mid-sized planes such as the Boeing 757 are generally better. Small planes are not recommended as they will depreciate airline value, since two are needed to fill a route.

Economic Crisis

Caution! When the Economic Crisis occurs the ratings may drop to just 120-200. So be very careful.

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