Pescara is a city located in Italy. It has average business and tourism ratings that range from 150 to 225. Tourist ratings are usually higher than business ratings.


The default airport here is Abruzzo Int'l Airport (PSR).


Due to its slightly lukewarm ratings, it is not advised to open a hub in Pescara. The city can sustain mild competition on routes but any such routes are inferior to monopoly routes. The city is in a good location in Europe, with connections available to major European cities such as London and Frankfurt, and Middle Eastern cities such as Cairo and Alexandria. With long-range planes, connections to American cities such as New York and Los Angeles are possible and these routes make good money

Abruzzo Int'l Airport usually attains no status beyond Level 6 or 7. For this reason, it's usually not worth building or buying airports unless better choices have been taken.

Generally, it's best to fly small to medium sized planes here. Large planes are not recommended due to the majority of seats being empty on a route, and reducing profits that can be made from those planes.