The McDonnell Douglas MD-90 is an American-made short- to medium- ranged narrow-bodied jet airliner. The MD-90 is essentially an upgraded version of the MD-80 series. It was introduced in 1995. In game, there is only one variant of the MD-90.


In game, the only variant available of the MD-90 is the MD-90-30.


IMG 1097a

The McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30.

Class: Business/Economy

Maximum Capacity: 172

Range: 3860 km

Engines: IAE V2525-D5

Fuel Efficiency: 7.5

Cruise Speed: 0.76 mach

Length: 46.5m

Height: 9.4m

Wing Span: 32.8m

Lifespan: 20 years

Price: $77,000K

Avaliable:  1993.11

End of Production:  2000.07

Wikipedia : LINK

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