An economic crisis is an event in the game in which high fuel prices and low passengers occurs. An economic crisis will happen in the years between 1970-1980, 1987-2000, and 2007-2020. The economic crisis that happens between 1987-2000 and 2007-2020 will happen randomly between these years while the one in the '70s will happen in 1973, 1978, and 1979. Economic crisis can be hard to endure with many players quiting. This article will help you survive an economic crisis and be on top of the leaderboard. For tips on other aspects of Air Tycoon Online from experienced players visit the Tips and Tricks page.

Before the Crisis

        We will be using the 1970s as an example. Starting in 1970, to prepare for the economic crisis, you should begin replacing low fuel efficient planes will fuel efficient ones especially Russian made planes. You want replace all your less fuel efficient planes before 1977.12. Below is a chart of recommended replacement planes during the 1970s

Old plane Replacement plane 1 Replacement plane 2
TU-104/124/134(A), F28 B737-100/ 200 DC-9-10
TU-114, IL-18D/62(/M), L-1049G DC-8-62 L-1011-1/200/500
AN-24, DC-9-32F B737-200F


          A small economic crisis will happen in 1973. This economic crisis isn't very hard to survive so you should continue replacing old planes with new ones. You should probably start 1 monopoly route every day (in real life) to keep your value up.


         If you read the World Airline News at this time you should get a update talking about a Economic Crisis. You really want to continue replacing old planes with new ones and building fuel tanks if you can. If you still haven't replaced all your old planes with new ones, replace planes that are running very profitable routes.
Screenshot 20170116-071955

Notice were it says economic crisis. That tells you that the 1978-79 crisis is about to happen

During the Crisis           

        If you prepared properly, you should survive the economic crisis just fine. Keep monitoring your routes and close routes that aren't generating enough profit. Continue replacing planes with new ones and you might want to start new routes as many players are abandoning good routes you can seize. Some tips that can help you endure are:

  •         Invest in monopoly long haul flights between major cities. In an economic crisis they generate around $2,000K while in the rest of the game, they can generate around $8-10,000K.
  •         Unrequest any unused slots. You may have over 50-100 unused slots lying around. Unrequesting those can save you around $1-2,000K
  •         If you want to stop operating a route without closing it, simply choose the route, then tap the planes section, then unselect any planes. The route won't generate any profit, but the route is still there.

After the Crisis

        Congratulations! You survived the economic crisis (assuming you didn't quit). During the experience, you may have learned many tricks that you can use to survive the other economic crisis in the game. Be sure to share your own tricks and tip to survive an economic crisis. Since the other economic crisis have no defined date, you always want to be alert at all times so that you can be on top of the leaderboard.

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