Building an airport

5 things you need to know before you build an airport are :

  • Location

The location is the most important part, you just wasting your money, credits, and time if you build an airport in low productivity level like Guam, Jeju, Brunei, etc .It's recommended to build an airport in a high high productivity level city like New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, etc.

  • Start with the low prices

Start at the lowest price so everyone will interest to make routes to and from your airport. After you reach the maximum slots (2600) you can increase the fee to maximum.

  • Name

Use an interesting name with the international language(English), for example : (NYC) New York City Airport.

  • Make an Ads

Make an advertisement via broadcast messages could help your airport to become famous.

  • Don't use slots too much

You are allowed to use a slots in your airport but the most highest priority is our costumers, let them use the remaining slots.


You need 30-40 credits to build a new airport or 40-60 credits to buy existing airport. The cash and credits is depending on the productivity level.

Credits Usage To Build A New Airport

  1. If you build the first airport you need 60 credits
  2. If you build the second airport you need 40 credits
  3. If you build the third/last airport you need 30 credits