Hello there. Welcome to Air Tycoon Wikia. Speaking is Admiral Alvin, one of the administrators of this wikia. According to Wiki Guideline, we can apply for Help: Wikia Spotlights, a powerful tool to attract contributers, after the following is being achieved:

  • The wikia should have at least 200 content pages, not counting stubs. Stub, or very short articles (less than about 300 bytes; listed at Special:Shortpages) and articles marked with a stub template should make up no more than a fifth of all pages.
  • The main page should have at least one picture and clear links to the most important content.
  • The curated main page for mobile visitors should be filled out.
  • There should be a clear category structure to help readers navigate around the site. Every content page should be in a category (Special:UncategorizedPages should be empty).
  • The community should choose new admins and any other upheavals; it should be a friendly place.
  • The wikia should be using the Wikia welcome tool, signed by admins -- (MediaWiki:Welcome-user should say @latest, @sysop or the name of an admin.)
  • The message in the Community Center on Recent Wiki Activity should be customized. (MediaWiki:Community-corner)
  • The wikia should have a customized skin.
  • The wikia should not use offensive language or include inappropriate images.

The above is basic guidelines and/or to-dos for our fellow wikipedians. Right now we have experienced 11K page views per week, but that is not enough. With Spotlight, our page views will be doubled. Below are some Behavioural Guidelines that our wikipedians should follow:

  • Unless there is clear evidence to the contrary, assume that people who work on the project are trying to help it, not hurt it.
  • If criticism is needed, discuss editors' actions, but avoid accusing others of harmful motives without clear evidence.
  • Assuming good faith is a fundamental principle on Wikia. It is the assumption that editors' edits and comments are made in good faith. Most people try to help the project, not hurt it. If this were untrue, a project like Wikipedia would be doomed from the beginning. This guideline does not require that editors continue to assume good faith in the presence of obvious evidence to the contrary (e.g. vandalism). Assuming good faith does not prohibit discussion and criticism. Rather, editors should not attribute the actions being criticized to malice unless there is specific evidence of such.
  • User accounts and IP addresses may be blocked from editing to protect Wikia from disruption. However, i recommend that all currently blocked community members to be unblocked. Instead, we should give them a chance of repenting and give them a chance of contributing.
  • In addition to the further advice, there are special considerations to take into account when blocking IP addresses. IP address blocks can affect many users, and IP addresses can change. Users intending to block an IP address should at a minimum check for usage of that address, and consider duration carefully. IP addresses should rarely, if ever, be blocked for more than one week. You should notify the admins if the IP is related to a sensitive organization or a government agency.
  • Unblocking will almost never be acceptable When it would constitute wheel warring or to unblock one's own account (unless an administrator blocked themselves).
  • Blocking should require three members' and at least one admin's agreement. Except in cases of unambiguous error or significant change in circumstances dealing with the reason for blocking, administrators should avoid unblocking users without first attempting to contact the blocking administrator to discuss the matter. If the blocking administrator is not available, or if the administrators cannot come to an agreement, then a discussion is recommended. Administrators reviewing a block should also consider that some historical context may not be immediately obvious.
  • The amount of information on Wikia is practically unlimited, but Wikia is a digital encyclopedia and therefore does not aim to contain all data or expression found elsewhere. Although anyone can be an editor, Wikia's community processes and standards make it neither an anarchy, democracy, nor bureaucracy. Wikia is not a place to promote things, is not a thought-book, a website primarily used for communication, a freely-licensed media repository, nor a censored encyclopedia.

Hereby I wish fellow Wikipedians to be bold and actively take part in discussing this guideline. Thank you.
'Admiral Alvin'  AA 11:57, January 5, 2016 (UTC)

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