The Antonov An-24 is a twin turboprop transport aircraft designed in 1957 and manufactured in the Soviet Union by the Antonov Design Bureau. First flown in 1959, over 1,000 An-24s were built and 880 are still in service worldwide with a total of 297 Antonov An-24 aircraft in airline service, as of May 2010. There are plenty passenger and transport variants, but only one cargo variant is available in the game.



There is only one variant of An-24 in game.

Class: Cargo

Maximum Payload: 10 tons

Range: 2761 km

Fuel Efficiency: 4.3

Cruise Speed: 0.37 Mach



Wing Span:

Price: $20,000K


Introduced: 1962.01

Production End: 1979.12

|ref=[1] |met or eng?=met |genhide= |crew=4 |capacity=50 |length m=23.53 |length ft=77 |length in=2 |span m=29.2 |span ft=95 |span in=10 |height m=8.32 |height ft=27 |height in=4 |wing area sqm=74.97 |wing area sqft=806 |aspect ratio=11.38 |empty weight kg=13,300 |empty weight lb=29,321 |gross weight kg=21,000 |gross weight lb=46,300 |eng1 number=2 |eng1 type=Ivchenko AI-24A Turboprop engines |eng1 kw=1,902 |eng1 hp=2,550 |perfhide= |max speed kmh= |max speed mph= |max speed kts= |cruise speed kmh=450 |cruise speed mph=280 |cruise speed kts=243 |stall speed kmh= |stall speed mph= |stall speed kts= |range km=2,761 |range miles=1,716 |range nm=1,491 |ceiling m=8,400 |ceiling ft=27,560 |climb rate ms= |climb rate ftmin=

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