Welcome to the Aircraft Replacement Guide. We understand that planes get old, so the wiki community made a list to help you with that! You may add on to this page.

*= ATO2/AT4 only

Starting Aircraft 70's (if any) 80's (if any) 90's 2000's 2010's
B707 B707, renovate B757/A300 A321/757 ... ...
B731 (737-100) B731/B732 MD80/B733/A320 MD90/A320/737 NG ... A320neo*, 737MAX
DC-8 L-1011 B757/B767/A300 B767/B777/A330


... B777/A350
IL-18D B707/DC-10 B757/A300 B767/A330 A330 A350-800
TU-104 DC-9/Fokker B737/BAe B737/A318,19 B737/A320 A320neo, 737MAX

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