* attention!- This section is mainly focused on B737 New Generation. Please note this if you are flying other types of B737.

Even though B737 is a baby (baby boeing), it has many warnings. - Airspeed Warning, Gear, Takeoff Configuration, GPWS, and windshear warnings are discussed in this page. - Note that conditions which require the immediate attention are indicated by red warning lights. These lights indicate engine, wheel, cargo, or APU fires; autopilot, autothrottle disconnects; and landing gear problems.

- Master Caution system

   - Usually triggered by a small problem outside of pilot's reach. This light will remain lighten up until condition resolves or crew resets it. When resetted, it will stanby for further trouble.
   - One small fault in a small system will not cause the caution system to illuminate or announciator to work. Instead, it will be saved to caution system and if the announciator is prssed, it will recall the fault and  when recalled, all system lights should be illuminated. If not, follow proper guideline.
- System Announciator Lights
Annunciatior b737 NG
   - Located on glare panel at left and right, each have different warning. 
   - Six warnings per one side announciator.
   - If a caution occurs, master caution light and approperiate light on system announciator will illuminate.

- Stall System

   - Occurs when the wing reach critical angle of attach and lift is no longer generated by too low speed.
   - stall warning is provided by a control column shaker, or stick shaker on each control column.
   - Oral warning will also activate.

- Mach/ Airspeed warning system

   - Occurs when the airspeed gets above the normal operational speed.
   - Clicker will sound and it is only can tested on the ground.

- Fire Alarm Switch

   - Illuminate red when testing or there is fire at APU, Cargo area, Engine, and Gear sections.
   - On air, the fire bell will sound
   - On ground, remote APU fire warning horn will sound.
   - If either horn cutout or warning switch is pressed, it will reset for further problem.

- Takeoff Configuration Warning (Red light)

   - Will activate when plane is on ground and throttle is advanced(full) even though aircraft is not properly configured for takeoff.
   - There will be intermittent warning horns activated.

- Cabin Altitude Warning Light (Red light)

   - Will activate when cabin is not properly pressurized at 10000 ft.
   - Will activate when cabin pressure has sudden drops.
   - There will be intermittent warning horns activated.

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